Tomasz Anyszek, MD, PhD, EuSpLM Managing Director

Tomasz Anyszek is director of Synevo Central Lab since 2009 and is responsible for clinical trials operations in more than 70 laboratories in Central and Eastern Europe. Dr. Anyszek started his career with Virtual Central Laboratory, Netherlands in 2000 (Covance VCL since 2003) and his experience also includes the coordination of 16 regional Covance partner laboratories in Europe. During this period he performed several hundred audits in medical laboratories. Dr. Anyszek holds his PhD from Jagiellonian University, Poland. Prior to his business career, he taught clinical biochemistry and laboratory medicine at the Jagiellonian University medical faculty. Dr. Anyszek has authored more than 20 scientific publications and co-authored several books and monographies in the clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine area.

Cristina Florescu-Moraid
Cristina Florescu-Moraid,MD, MSc, EuSpLm Regional Country Director, Romania, Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria & Serbia

Cristina Florescu-Moraid is responsible for Synevo Central Lab’s operations in Romania since 2005. Cristina Florescu-Moraid was responsible for management of more than 60 studies and was involved in another 100 projects prior to her manager career. Cristina Florescu-Moraid got her Medical Doctor Diploma in 1997 from Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, Romania and was accredited as Laboratory Medicine Specialist in 2005 and as Senior Laboratory Medicine Specialist in 2011, by the Romanian College of Physicians.

Dr.Florescu Moraid got her Master of Science Diploma in 2006 from Health Insurance National House and accomplished Postgraduated School of Clinical Trials Management at Gdansk Foundation for Management Development Gdansk in 2012.She graduated the Postgraduated Leadership Development Programme at University of Sussex, UK in 2014. Dr.Florescu-Moraid has more than 10 years of experience in laboratory and clinical trials industry now.

Jolanta Czerwonka
Jolanta Czerwonka Regional Country Director, Poland

Jolanta Czerwonka is responsible for Synevo Central Lab's operations in Poland. Jolanta Czerwonka is involved in coordination and management of central laboratory services in Synevo Central Lab since 10 years. Mrs. Czerwonka was responsible for project management of more than 50 studies in different therapeutical areas. Mrs. Czerwonka accomplished Postgraduate School of Clinical Trials Management at the Medical University of Gdansk, Poland, and Gdansk Foundation for Management Development in 2007.

Oleksii Gaidamak, MD Regional Country Director, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia

Oleksii Gaidamak is responsible for Synevo Central Lab's operations in Ukraine and Belarus since 2009. Oleksii Gaidamak got his degree in General Practice from Bogomolets National Medical University in Kiev, Ukraine. Dr. Gaidamak got also Specialist Degree in Economy from Department of Economy, Education and Research Institute of Business, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine in Kiev, and Associate Specialist Degree in Laboratory Diagnostics from Department of Laboratory Diagnostics, First Kiev Medical College in Kiev, Ukraine. Prior to his carrier in Synevo Central Lab, he worked for 2 years as a Regional Director at Synevo Medical Laboratories in Ukraine.

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